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Theophilus Crater

Thoephilus waxing crescent by mike 23 may 2015

Our past president, Mike Bradley, got this picture of Theophilus crater during the waxing Crescent Moon (30%) from Roberts Creek, 23rd May, 2015 (Megrez 120mm, DSLR, stack of 100 images, Registax 6.0). Theophilus crater was named after the Greek astronomer who was the Bishop of Alexandria from 385 AD. This is a large crater at the edge of Mare Nectaris, 100km diameter. The terminator line was close by at the time, running along the Rupes Altai creating interesting vistas. The crater is located about 400 km south of the Apollo 11 landing site. Mike wanted to share this as our upcoming speaker on 12 June is Ted Stroman, who will be talking about Lunar Geography.

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