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Report on Astronomy in the Park: 16 August 2014


We had clouds when we showed up at noon to set up but in a few hours they cleared and we had 229 people view sun spots and solar flares through our solar scopes. Children’s Story Theatre had a good crowd of children for their performance. The amphitheatre was packed for the audio visual presentation at dusk and afterwards there were long lineups for the telescopes to view the night skies. Check out our photos of this event.

Partial Solar Eclipse: October 23, 2014

solar viewing

solar viewing


There will be a partial solar eclipse visible in Western Canada on 23 October, covering approximately 66% of the sun. Be sure to use filters to view the sun to protect your eyes! Mylar or black polymer eclipse glasses or a #14 arc welders filter is good for viewing without a telescope or binoculars. If using binoculars or a telescope be sure to use special solar filters. The telescope depicted in the picture is a hydrogen alpha scope specially designed for safe viewing of the sun. Weather permitting, we will be setting up our solar scopes in two locations on the Sunshine Coast for the public to view this event: Davis Bay seawall at 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM at Chatelech Secondary School in Sechelt. Hope to see you there!

Times for the solar eclipse below are for Vancouver, BC:

Partial eclipse begins 1:32 PM
Mideclipse 2:57 PM
Partial eclipse ends 4:16 PM
Sun altitude at maximum eclipse 24 degrees
Maximum eclipse 66%


Total Lunar Eclipse 8 October 2014





There will be a total lunar eclipse on 8 October 2014, but it will occur in the wee hours of the morning. Uranus, which is now at opposition, will be within 22 arc minutes of the moon about the time of the midtotality of the eclipse. The entire eclipse will be visible from Western Canada.  Times in the table below are for Vancouver, BC:
Penumbral eclipse begins 1:15 AM
Partial eclipse begins 2:14 AM
Total eclipse begins 3:25 AM
Midtotality 3:55 AM
Total eclipse ends 4:24 AM
Partial eclipse ends 5:34 AM
Penumbral eclipse ends 6:33 AM


Intro Segment for Our pcoming Astronomy TV Show

Here is the latest version of the introduction segment for our upcoming monthly astronomy show on Coast Cable.