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Speaker for 11 September: Charles Ennis

At 7 PM on 11 September, 2020, the Sunshine Coast Centre will feature a presentation on Ancestor’s Skies by Charles Ennis, 1st Vice President of the RASC. The meeting will take place on Zoom.

Most people in the Western world have a very basic knowledge of the 88 constellations used by modern astronomers. Charles Ennis, co-host of Eastlink TV’s Night Lights astronomy show and host of the Bravo short documentary Starry Nights, will introduce you to where these constellations came from. Charles will then show you how the ancients from many cultures around the World viewed the night skies and how those views can give you a whole new perspective on the universe.


We’ll also have our popular Skies This Month presentation by Bruce Fryer and a visit from RASC Executive Director Phil Groff.

Use this link to join our Zoom Meeting: