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Sunspot Group AR2671

A remarkably-long sunspot group is sprawling across the solar disk. AR2671 stretches 140,000 miles from end to end, almost twice as wide as the planet Jupiter.

I imaged it today from Roberts Creek – I didn’t want to miss such an impressive group inĀ  a period of solar minimum!

Tomorrow we have the partial eclipse here on the coast and this sunspot group should still be visible as the moon moves across the solar disc. Check it out.

Solar Flares: 2 June


On 2 June Mike Bradley, our past president, got this impressive photo of solar activity on the sun from his SunMoonStars observatory in Roberts Creek.

X1 Solar Flare

Our Dr. Garth Jones just called to let us know that there is a huge sunspot AR2192 and the X1-class solar flare it unleashed. Check out the current (Sunday, Oct. 19) version of — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids