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May: Astro-imaging equipment for sale:

For sale: Astro-imaging kit

I have reluctantly decided to sell my astro-imaging set up. It consists of a William Optic Megrez 120mm APO F7.5 FPL53 doublet 900mm refractor (SE#100008) on
a HEQ5 Pro Drive mounted on an 9” diameter heavy duty steel pier. The scope is fitted with a William Optic DDG Crayford  focuser, a Telrad and dew strap both
with dual function controller. The guidescope is a Stellarvue F50-2 Deluxe finder with helical focuser, the guide camera is an Orion Starshoot autoguider. The
control electronics is wired through a 7 port powered hub mounted within the pier, control joystick is also included.

Everything is in working order (apart from the digital readout on the DDG focuser).

I control the mount with a laptop through EQMod and control the imaging with Backyard EOS + Canon 60Da camera. These items are not included in the items for sale.
Other control combinations would certainly work with this equipment.

The Megrez refractor is also a great scope for visual astronomy and I am including the basic 28mm eyepiece that I use for visually locating targets.

This is all the astronomy equipment that someone needs to take up astro-imaging seriously, it has delivered great results for me and of course I would be very happy
to provide advice on setup and use.

It is currently listed for sale on the Canada Wide Buy and Sell site for $3500 + shipping costs but I’d be happy to see it sold to a Sunshine Coast astrophotographer for less!
This equipment needs to find a good loving home!

Michael   604-740-8244













April: New items For Sale

Explore Scientific 127 Triplet Refractor

Comes with an “In flight” case, Illuminated finder
and ES 18mm 82 degree FOV eyepiece.

Immaculate, Price $2300.



Also a Celestron Ultima -100 mm Zoom Spotting Scope, range from  22x – 67x

As new, in box, $250

For further information contact James at


Ever think of building a cooled astro-photography camera?

Everything you need to build a cooled camera system, except the camera!

One of our members has donated this complete kit of materials to assemble
a “budget” priced, deepsky imaging camera. The kit contains the housing, a
quiet fan and all important Peltier cooling plate. The thermostat and control
electronics are included too. A large mat of aerogel blanket wraps it all up.

The kit was designed to accept a camera from the ZWO ASI range, more details
are available on request from Scott.

Price Negotiable, donation to Sunshine Coast Astronomy Club.




For Sale: Skywatcher refractor & equatorial mount

Telescope,    Skywatcher ED80 (apochromatic doublet lens – one ED glass)

F.L. 600mm (f7.5)   Single speed 2” Crayford focuser. Shows normal usage.

Complete with custom carrying case, mounting rings, 2” star diagonal,

Two 6×30 straight thru finder scopes. One is for solar alignment.

Dew shield, End cap, fitted with solar filter. 7” Vixen bar.

This small scope provides excellent views of planets. Can handle up to x160 mag.

The solar film provides a safe bright white image of the Sun.

Includes two Plossl eyepieces, 10mm Pl & 20mm

Manuals, for both telescope and mount.

Also included, Terrance Dickinson’s book “Night Watch




Objective is free of blemishes, mould, etc.





Mount;       Skywatcher Eq3 with dual motor drives (not a “go-to”)

This mount is light enough to be carried fully assembled.

It is a perfect match for the ED80, but not recommended for scopes over 100mm.

Power is provide by 4 ‘D” cells, which will last for over a year of regular use,

or may be powered by an AC/DC adapter, or a rechargeable battery (if wanted)

The mount does not have a polar scope.

Includes one 7.5lb counter balance weight.

Available with either wood or Aluminum tripod (as shown).

The hand controller adjusts both Altitude & Azmimuth motors3 speeds

A clutch allows for manual adjustment using the attached wand.


  • Asking $575 for scope and mount., compare with prices on “Canada Buy Sell”

  • Will split: Scope $475 and mount $150

  • Contact David (604)-886-1363


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