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Light Pollution Information

Interactive Light Pollution Map – Sunshine Coast environs


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We are daytime creatures, but industrialization has pushed us into a culture that operates 24/7 and requires Artificial Lighting At Night (ALAN). This has permitted us to do many amazing things but at the cost of ignoring the impact that it has on our health and on the plants and animals that share our environment. ALAN has been identified as a carcinogen as well as contributing to Alzeimers and dementia. Glare from poorly designed street lighting blinds elderly people with cataracts, confining them to their homes for half of the year. Poor lighting decreases public safety. Light pollution from ALAN also floods the sky with photons which produce sky glare which obscures the beautiful universe which is our home and disrupts the feeding, mating, and migration of wildlife. We’re not trying to get you to turn out all the lights, but we are hoping to convince you to use lighting more effectively and sparingly to protect yourself and your environment. The Coast Builders Association promotes good lighting practices.

Presentation on ALAN and security by Grant Mansiere at the 2014 GA in Victoria

Presentation on ALAN and security by Grant Mansiere at the 2014 GA in Victoria












Global Interactive Light Pollution map:

Applied Scotobiology in Luminaire Design, R. Dick M. Eng: excellent paper on the affects of ALAN on humans and our environment and measures we can take to deal with it: APPLIED_SCOTOBIOLOGY

RASC publication “Environmental Impact of Light Pollution and its Abatement: LightPollutionA_Special_Issue

GSbG Eco-Light Flier: Flier 2015
Presentation on Light Pollution by John Garret of the Temecula Valley Astronomers:
Sci Show video “The Strange Scourge of Light Pollution:
Hidden Costs video on Light Pollution:
Power Point presentation on Light Pollution used by our Centre for our Night Lights community television program:LightPollutionfinal

Bill Nye speaks about light pollution:

PBS Point Of View Documentary on Light Pollution (56 minutes):

Losing the Dark by the IDSA:

Preserving Dark Skies by the McDonald Observatory:

International Dark Sky Association:

Obtrusive Light Vocabulary- A glossary of terms: Advisor200401_Obtrusive_Light

American Medical Association Resolution on Light Pollution: AMA Light pollution

Better Lights for Better Nights: Better Lights

Boating Safety and Artificial Light: Boating Safety

Buckhorn Observatory Report: Buckhorn Presentation

DMD Roadway Lighting: DMD Roadway Lighting

Effects of Light Pollution on Wildlife: EffectsofLightPollutionOnWildlife

Information on Light Pollution:

Introduction to Outdoor Lighting: Intro to Lighting

Light Pollution- Environmental Effects of Roadway Lighting: Environmental Effects Roadway Lighting

Light Pollution and the Impacts on Biodiversity, Species, and Their Habits: Everglades Biodiversity

What is a True “Full Cut Off” Outdoor Lighting Fixture: Full Cut Off

Too Much Outdoor Lighting Pollutes the Sky, Wastes Energy, and Creates Safety Hazards:  Gas Station Canopys

IDA Safety Brochure: IDA safety brochure

IDA Wildlife Brochure: ida_wildlife_brochure

IDA Dark Sky Community Guidelines: IDSC_Guidelines_Oct2014

New York Times Article: The Dark Side


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