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Telescope Loans


one of our first star parties in Kinnikinnick Park

Information About Telescopes:

Here is an excellent article on telescope equipment by Rick Saunders of the London Centre of the RASC: full and proper kit

Cleaning Optics:

Here is an excellent PDF on cleaning telescope optics: Cleaning optics




Nairn Robertson Memorial Telescope:


Nairn Memorial telescope

Nairn Robertson (4 December 1996 – 28 December 2016) was a member of our Centre from August of 2015. He received a 12 inch Meade LX-90 telescope from the Make a Wish Foundation which we taught him to use as well as qualifying him to use the SCC Observatory telescope. When he passed away, his family donated his telescope to our Centre so that other youth could experience Nairn’s passion for the heavens above. The telescope is available for school projects: Contact our Centre for details.

Sunshine Coast Centre Telescopes:

The club has telescopes available for short-term loan to members only. See the list of telescopes below. If you wish to borrow one, contact Scott, our Telescope Manager at:
NOTE: We are currently conducting an inventory- If you have previously borrowed a scope, please make sure the Telescope Manager know about it.

Available Telescopes:

Celestron Nexstar 80 GTL 80mm (5″) refractor (gray) Autoglide Goto with accessories

Celestron 10 inch Dobsonian

Celestron 10 inch Dobsonian

Celestron StarHopper 10″ Dobsonian (black and white) with accessories

Antares DS-10 10″ Dobsonian (white) with accessories

Coulter Odyssey 8 8″ Dobsonian (red) with accessories

Omcon 811 SE 114mm Newtonian (blue)

Skywatcher G5 5″ Refractor (blue) with motor drives & accessories

Tasco Binoculars 8×40 with case & strap

Lunt LS60T 60 mm solar refractor (white)

Coronado PST

Coronado PST

Coronado 0.5 PST 40 mm hydrogen alpha solar scope with go to Meade mount

Orion scope

Orion scope

Orion white 4″ refractor with go to Meade mount and solar filter


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