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Explore the Universe Guide is Here!


Julia and Renata at RASC HQ with the new Explore the Universe Guide

The RASC’s new Explore the Universe Guide just arrived at head office and will soon be shipped out to customers. You can order this book and other RASC publications here. This would make an excellent holiday gift for friends and family.

2017 Board of Directors

As a result of the elections at the AGM on 14 October, here is your Board of Directors of the SCC:


  Sunshine Coast Centre RASC Board of Directors
Name Position Telephone E-mail Term Start
Charles Ennis President 778-839-4702 14/10/2016
Mike Bradley Vice President 604-740-8244 11/13/2015
Bruce Fryer Treasurer 604-885-6094 12/12/2014
Brian Lucas Secretary 604-885-7051 14/10/2016
Scott Harlow Director at Large 604-741-9959 14/10/2016
Bruce Woodburn Director at Large 604-740-2029 14/10/2016
Debra MacWilliam Director at Large 604-741-7953 14/10/2016
Bill Clark Past President 604-740-5860 14/10/2016

Star Hopping: Demystifying Observers Handbooks and Star Atlases

On Friday, 11 November, at 7:30 PM at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Sunshine Coast Centre President Charles Ennis will be teaching a course on how to use star atlases and the RASC Observer’s Handbook to locate objects in the sky.  Admission is by donation.


Charles Ennis teaching aboard the Star Princess in September

Do You Just Belong?


Danny, one of our most active members

Are you an active member, The kind that would be missed,

Or are you just contented, That your name is on the list?

Do you attend the meetings, And mingle with the flock,

Or do you meet in private, And criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part, To help the work along,

Or are you satisfied to be, The kind who just belongs?

Do you work on committees, To this there is no trick,

Or leave the work to just a few, And talk about the clique?

So come to meetings often, And help with hand and heart.

Don’t just be a member, But take and active part.

Think this over colleagues, You know what’s right from wrong.

Are you a valued member, Or do you just belong?

Author unknown.

Princess Cruise Courses


teaching in the Explorer’s Lounge

I took a 25th anniversary cruise to Hawaii at the end of September and while on board the Star Princess taught 8 basic astronomy “enrichment lectures” which were very well received. I also helped with three star gazing sessions on board during the trip to Hawaii and back.


answering questions after class

Charles Ennis