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We Have A YouTube Channel!

We’ve just started a YouTube channel to share presentations by astrophysicists, cosmologists, etc. that have done presentations for our club over the years as well as our popular “Skies This Month” by Bruce Fryer. Here’s the link:

Speakers for 8 January 2021: Michael Bradley & Richard Mitchell

At 7:00 PM, 2021 January 8, online on Zoom, the Sunshine Coast Centre of the RASC presented Michael Bradley and Richard Mitchell of the RASC Sunshine Coast Centre, whose topic was “The Sun is Awakening: How Can We View It?”

Michael setting up to view the Mercury transit of the Sun in 2019

Contact Information: 

Check out the Sunshine Coast RASC site at: for contact and schedule information.

Helping Harry

The Sunshine Coast Centre is helping Harry Andinda in Kabale, Uganda, realize his dream of one day working in astrophysics. We’ve mailed him a telescope and given him a membership in the RASC. If you’d like to help Harry achieve his dream, contact us at We’ll be telling you his story in more detail in the upcoming issue of SkyNews Magazine, the RASC’s astronomy publication.