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Public Viewing: 11 February 2017

photo 4

We’ll be opening the SCC Observatory at the Sechelt Airport at 7 PM on Saturday, 11 February for public viewing. Check out this post on the day of the event for weather updates.

UPDATE: The Clear Dark Sky charts do not show clear skies tonight and the posts are frozen into the ground at the gate and the gravel road up to the observatory had not been (nor will be ) plowed and 6 inches deep in compact snow. We are not opening the observatory tonight.

Charles Ennis, President

Starlight Coast Star Party a Success


Setting up for the star party. Solar scopes in the foreground.

We had 85 members of the public show up for our first Starlight Coast Star Party last night. We had a perfectly clear sky for the event, though it was very hot until the sun set. The Rotary Club served hotdogs, hamburgers and sandwiches. We displayed the entries for the poster contest and handed out prizes to the winners. The Coast Reporter photographer showed up to get pictures. We had visitors on site viewing the skies until midnight.

Public Night at SCC Observatory: 13 August

photo 4We’ll be opening the SCC Observatory at the Sechelt Airport at 8:30 PM on Saturday, 13 August for public viewing. The Moon, Saturn, and Mars will all be on display, as well as many deep sky objects.

UPDATE 8 AM 13 August: Clear Dark Sky charts showing clear skies this evening for the opening of the observatory.

NOTE: We discovered a notice in the newspaper saying we were doing public viewing at Porpoise Bay  Provincial Park 13 August, and this is NOT the case. We used to hold events there, but this year’s event is the Starlight Coast Star Party at our Observatory on August 20.

Deep Sky Party 3


Danny, our ambassador for the visitors this weekend

Members and visitors viewed the skies for the second night in a row last night. It was not as clear a sky as Friday night, with clouds drifting through, but we did get some viewing between the clouds.


Everyone getting set up at sunset

Deep Sky Part Two

photo 4

Members from other RASC Centres setting up for last night’s star party

Tonight is the second night of the clubs star party at our airport site at the top of field rd…

Last nights conditions were exceptional… at least the clarity of the sky was. While it was not so good for viewing planets because of the turbulence in the air the transparency was excellent. The milky way was etched sharply against a black background of stars and was
clearly visible from the north east horizon down to the southern horizon. The club scope was up and running as well as numerous other scopes from members and guests. Among the numerous star clusters and galaxies we viewed we were also treated to 2 passes of the space station and numerous bright meteors from 2 currently active meteor showers.

We also have several guests from the Victoria centre staying on site and possibly some today from Vancouver… feel free to drop by the site to say hello and welcome them to our beautiful area.

If all goes well, weather wise, tonight should be spectacular!!!!

the gate is closed now but unlocked so members can still access the site…pls leave gate as you find it when you enter.

Members and guests are welcome…

I hope to see you there!

neil sandy
rasc member

Deep Sky Party Commences!


People attending our grand opening of the observatory in June 2015

Tonight and for the next two nights astronomers from the Vancouver and Victoria Centres of the RASC will join us at the SCC Observatory to view the skies. Some will be camping there, others will be staying with RASC members. I hope that all of our members will join us at the observatory with their telescopes to view the skies this weekend. The forecast is for clear skies. Danny will be camping at the observatory this weekend as our “ambassador”. Members are welcome to bring family and guests. Please review the protocols for observatory use on our Observatory page.

Starlight Coast Star Party: 20 August


SCC Observatory

On 20 August the SCC Observatory will be open to the public from 4 PM with solar scopes set up to view solar flares and sunspots until the sun goes down and then the main observatory telescope and member scopes set up after sunset for viewing the night skies. We will be handing out our prize for the Deep Sky Poster contest at this event at 7 PM. The posters submitted by children will be displayed for the visitors to view. The Rotary Club will have their concession stand there with refreshments with all proceeds going to the Observatory.

This event replaces our Astronomy in the Park event that we did for so many years.

UPDATE 20 August, 8 AM: Everything looking good for today’s event. Should be clear skies tonight for viewing.