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Summer Star Quest 2015, Merritt, 11 – 19 September.

merrit astro

Suzanna Nagy, Vice President for the Vancouver Centre of the RASC, has notified us about the upcoming Summer Star Quest 2015 in Merritt, BC from September 11 – 19, which they are putting on in conjunction with the Merritt Astronomical Society. It is a great event and is considered by many to be one of the darkest sky star parties in Canada. Details can be found at:

If you have questions for Suzanna, you can contact her here:

Suzanna Nagy

Vice President and Event Coordinator

RASC Vancouver Centre

Speaker for June 2015: Ted Stroman

Ted Strohman lecturing on the Apollo moon landings

Ted Strohman lecturing on the Apollo moon landings

Our speaker for 12 June 2015 will be Ted Stroman, a member of the Vancouver Centre of the RASC. His topic is lunar geography and features. He will talk about the history of the formation of the moon that led to its appearance now. You can check out his web site at:

Earth Day 2015, Roberts Creek


We will be setting up an information booth and solar scopes at Robert Creek Earth Day, Sunday, 26 April, 2015. The event runs from noon to 5 PM. Come down and see us and take a look at solar activity! The Roberts Creek Earth Day web site for 2015 is here. Below is the site map for the day showing where our booth will be located.


April 10: Beginner’s Telescope Night


We frequently encounter individuals who have telescopes but don’t know how to use them. If you are in this category, bring your telescope down to the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre on Friday, 10 April, at 7:30 PM, and we’ll show you what do to with it. If you don’t own a telescope, members of our Centre will have their own there to show you how they work.


Hi Starchasers,

Here is a nice review of a selection of garden variety and giant binoculars.
I can see from this that my collection is clearly missing the 100 mm size.

Clear Skies,


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