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Dovetail Adapter for PST Scopes

Coronado PST

Coronado PST


I know the club has a PST solar scope as do several of the members… including myself. I just wanted to let you know about a dovetail adapter I found that works perfectly with the PST. You can see a pic and description of it here at

The nice thing about this unit is that the hole patterns match up with the pst perfectly. You just take 2 machine screws and thread them in to the 2 holes in the pst and you have a real stable system. The one thing I found about all these adapters out there is there is no standardization so its nice to find something that works without having to drill your own holes.  It fits on a common vixen type dovetail bar. Forgot to mention its really inexpensive too!
Good luck and if you want to try one I have one here.

member Sunshine Coast Centre RASC

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