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8 April 2016- Dr. Catherine Johnson: The InSight Mission

dr. Catherine Johnson

At 7:30 PM, 8 April 2016, at the Sunshine Coast Art Centre, 5714 Medusa St., Sechelt, The Sunshine Coast Centre welcomes Dr. Catherine Johnson from UBC, whose topic will be The InSight Mission: Journey to the Center of Mars

Orbital and lander missions to Mars over the past several decades have revealed a wealth of information about the planet’s surface geology and raised many unanswered questions about the planet’s past climate conditions. Key to answering many of these questions is understanding the planet’s deep interior, about which we know very little. Mars’ interior is also a fingerprint for the earliest stages of evolution of any of the terrestrial (rocky) planets in the inner solar system. The InSight mission, planned for launch in 2018, will deploy a seismometer, a heat flow probe and several other instruments on the surface of Mars. I will talk about how InSight will monitor the Red Planet’s “vital signs” – “pulse” (seismicity), “temperature” (heat flow) and “reflexes” (wobbles) – to determine Mars’ interior structure and evolution.

Admission is free: donations gratefully accepted at the door.


Mars Orbiters Observe Oort Cloud Comet


This is amazing to me. We, humans, currently have 5 craft orbiting one planet, Mars, and 2 landers on its surface. All this to help satisfy our need to learn. A comet happens to come by so 3 of them duck behind Mars for a short period just to be safe and then all 5 orbiters proceed to study the comet and send data back to us on Earth… and all this was accomplished by 5 small groups of people with computers sitting in control rooms in various countries here on Earth. What a great time to interested in science! Check out the article from Sky and Telescope.

Neil Sandy