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Total Lunar Eclipse: 2019 January 20

0015 eclipse_092715

Eclipse from 2015: photo by Brian Kelso

We will be opening our SCC Observatory at 18:30 hours on the evening of 20/21 January 2019, to view the total lunar eclipse. This eclipse will be visible in all of North America. The weather forecast is favourable: We’ll update this post in the afternoon on the 20th.

UPDATE, 20 January, 3 PM: Skies looking good! Observatory will be open at 6:30 PM.


Starts 6:36 pm PST

Partial Starts 7:33 pm PST

Total Starts 8:41 pm PST

Maximum 9:12 pm PST

Total Ends 9:43 pm PST

Partial Ends 10:50 pm PST

Ends 11:48 pm PST

The RASC’s Youth Coordinator Jenna Hinds has produced a YouTube video with a few simple demos and explanations of lunar eclipses:

Clear skies!

Charles Ennis, Past President


Blue Moon Turns Red

The second full Moon in a month is referred to as a “blue Moon” and January 31 we’ll see the second full Moon of January 2018. But we will see that blue moon turnLE2018-01-31T red on the 31st with the first total lunar eclipse in 2 ½ years. People on the West Coast will have a front row seat as the eclipse begins at 2:49 AM PST. Midtotality occurs at 5:29 and the eclipse ends at 8:10 AM.

Lunar Eclipse Photos

0004 Eclipse_0927150009 Eclipse_0927150015 Eclipse_092715

Bryan Kelso took these three photos of the eclipse on 27 September at our SCC Observatory site with a DSLR & 300mm lens. Only a few weeks left to get your astrophotos in for the Bill Iden Astrophotography Contest. Entries must be in by the meeting on 13 November.

Regards, Charles Ennis

Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing Session a Success

Mike and David powering up the telescope

Mike and David powering up the telescope

Last night’s lunar eclipse generated a LOT of interest in our Centre. Yesterday (Sunday, 27 September) 215 people visited our web site and viewed 536 web pages, a record. When I checked the site this morning (28 September) at 0930 hours we had already broken that record: 268 people visiting to make 540 views so far. When I checked the site Sunday morning we had about 8600 total views for 2015. Now we are at 9700 and still climbing. Most of the views were our home page and posts about the eclipse, as well as information on our Centre. I fielded several phone calls during the day from citizens looking for information on the eclipse.

We opened the observatory at 18:30 and a crowd soon developed. Coast Cable showed up to video tape the event, tour the observatory, and interview several people. We had about 100 visitors and several members set up their telescopes. We collected $54.25 in the donations jar. When the stars came out we had people lining up to see binary stars, star clusters, nebulas and galaxies while we waited for the eclipsed moon to rise above the trees on the east side of the airfield. Once it topped the trees we turned the big scope onto the moon, which was by that time starting to come out of the penumbral phase.

The crowd finally thinned out and by 22:30 we had shut down the observatory for the evening.

Total Lunar Eclipse 8 October 2014





There will be a total lunar eclipse on 8 October 2014, but it will occur in the wee hours of the morning. Uranus, which is now at opposition, will be within 22 arc minutes of the moon about the time of the midtotality of the eclipse. The entire eclipse will be visible from Western Canada.  Times in the table below are for Vancouver, BC:
Penumbral eclipse begins 1:15 AM
Partial eclipse begins 2:14 AM
Total eclipse begins 3:25 AM
Midtotality 3:55 AM
Total eclipse ends 4:24 AM
Partial eclipse ends 5:34 AM
Penumbral eclipse ends 6:33 AM