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Rare Triple Transit of Jupiter: 23/24 January 2015

On the night of Friday January 23 at 9:48 PM PST a rare triple shadow transit will occur involving Jupiter’s moons Europa,Callisto, and Io. Observers will see the shadows of the moons on the surface of Jupiter and see them merge. We’re hoping that the skies will be clear enough on that day for a star party at the airport to view this event. We will be meeting people at the Sechelt airport gate at 7:30 PM on January 23 to convoy in to the observatory site to set up telescopes in an attempt to view this event (weather permitting).

Update 19 January: Looking at the weather forecast for Sechelt,  things don’t look that hopeful for us Sunshine Coast Centre members hoping to view this transit. It is calling for rain from the 22nd to the 24th at present. We’ll keep an eye on it in case it changes. Stay tuned for updates to this post with times and details!