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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we’ve been meeting virtually on Zoom for over a year and all activity at our observatory was put on hold as it was too risky to share eyepieces. However, things are looking promising for a reopening of the observatory as more people are vaccinated and restrictions lifted.

Meanwhile the Sechelt Airport has been lengthening their runway, and this has changed how we will access the observatory. For more on this including directions and a map, see our Observatory page.

Between 10 AM and Noon on Saturday, 24 July, the Sechelt Airport will have a public event to celebrate the completion of the runway extension and we’ve been invited to participate as this will mark a reopening of our observatory access. For this event access will be through the main airport gate off Hilltop Rd: You won’t have to use the new route to the observatory. Our astronomers will be there with solar scopes to view sunspots and flares and with handouts on the new observatory access. We can take people to tour the observatory as well. Masks are requested and social distancing will be observed. We will be using projections to display the sun so that use of eyepieces won’t be necessary.

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