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Sunspot AR2824

I took a look at the AR2824 sunspot today. Appearances can be deceptive, this small, peaceful looking sunspot is actually the one that has been so active recently, unleashing a sequence of solar flares unlike anything we’ve seen in years. In only 24 hours, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded 10 C-flares and 2 M-flares. The region was still active yesterday and made for an interesting sight in both Ha and white light. In the images the umbra and penumbra are clear with evidence of a light bridge and with lots of pores in the solar surface of the region. Get your solar scopes out and have a look while we have the chance – who knows, it may flare again.

Image was taken in Roberts Creek at 1300 May 22 with PGI Chameleon, Herschel Wedge, ED80, stacked with AS3.


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