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The RASC Robotic Telesacope

The RASC National Robotic Telescope is up and running and an archive of image data is now being made available to RASC members.

If you’d like to try your hand at processing some high resolution astro images the data can be obtained from the link that was included in your September RASC bulletin (mine arrived today). Image files are available for download  in either  .jpg or Raw format.

I took a look at the raw images that had been taken of the North American Nebula with a 20″ scope and a DSLR, 25 two minute images. My preliminary image was processed with DeepSkyStacker and PixInsight, using curves and levels with no noise reduction, the result is shown below. Not at all bad for 10 minutes of stacking and processing. It would be better if calibration files had been made available. Nevertheless, this is going to be FUN, give it a try, download some data and experiment!


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