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Public Viewing: 10 June

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We’ll be opening the SCC Observatory at the Sechelt Airport at 9:30 PM on Saturday, 10 June for public viewing. Check out this post on the day of the event for weather updates

UPDATE 10 JUNE: As of 11:30 am ClearDarkSky is showing a viewing window suitable for public viewing this evening. We are opening as planned.

8 PM: Clear Dark Sky still showing a window to observe the sky, but the sky doesn’t look that promising yet. Scott Harlow and I will go up at 9 to take a look. If the sky looks do-able, we will open.

WELL… I took a look at 8:45 and 90% of the sky is overcast. There is a bit of sky clearing to the NE but by the time it gets to the observatory, assuming it doesn’t close in, its going to be midnight. I’m cancelling the opening of the observatory.

Charles Ennis


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