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Public Viewing: 11 June 2016

We will be having a public viewing session at the SCC Observatory on Saturday, June 11, 2016, at 9:00 PM (weather permitting). The SCC Observatory is at the Sechelt Airport: entrance is at the gate at the top of Field Rd where you will see this sandwich board sign:

IMG_1901 sign

Check out our Observatory page for more information on the SCC Observatory. Please, no food or drinks and only use red light flashlights to preserve viewer’s night vision. No pets or laser pointers please: They are prohibited by Transport Canada regulations for this airfield. We will update this post on 11 June to advise whether the weather will permit us to open that night.

UPDATE: 1500 hours. Clear Dark Sky showing some clear skies around sunset but transparency is listed as below average and seeing as average. Overnight forecast is for cloudy with showers. Not looking promising for an observatory opening tonight.


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