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2016 General Assembly: 19 – 23 May in London

I attended the 2016 General Assembly of the RASC between 19 – 23 May, which this year was held in conjunction with the 2016 AstroCats trade show in London, Ontario, at Fanshawe College.


National Council meeting at the 2016 GA

As the new National Secretary, I had many meetings to attend, including several national board meetings, including an election of officers, two national advisory council meetings, the Annual General Meeting, and the annual awards banquet. I spent many hours meeting members from RASC Centres across Canada outside of these formal meetings to discuss issues important to the society and share ideas. I was particularly impressed with this year’s National Council meeting, which involved break out sessions to work on the new Strategic Plan. Everyone who participated commented on what a great session that was. The results are being forwarded to the strategic plan task force who will present a draft strategic plan for 2017 – 2019 at the next national council meeting this coming October.

The first new publication published by the RASC since they created the RASC Calendar was my book Building a Small Observatory, which was on sale for the first time at the AstroCats trade show. Sales were brisk and we just about sold out the books brought to the show. The list of prizes donated by the various astronomical vendors at the show was extremely impressive, and many attendees left with telescopes, cameras, software, and other prizes.


Building a Small Observatory was published in time for the 2016 GA and is now available on the RASC web site


The RASC booth at the 2016 AstroCats show

I had a chance to meet Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen, who came to visit us at the RASC booth.


CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen with RASC National Secretary Charles Ennis

The next General Assembly will be held in Ottawa on the weekend of Canada Day, which marks the 150th anniversary of Canada as well as the Ottawa Centre. I hope that some of our members will go with me to this event. We’re looking for a national representative for our centre and the RASC will pay 80% of the cost of registration, accomodations, and travel. If you’re interested, please contact me.

Charles Ennis, National Secretary and SCC President




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