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Trottier Observatory


View of the OTA with the camera on the side.

I jumped in the Coast Cable van with Steve and Brittany on Tuesday, April 26 and went to the Trottier Observatory at SFU, which is one year old this month. This is the home of the Vancouver Centre of the RASC now and the location of their star parties. We were met by Dr. Howard Trottier, whose family contributed $2.5 million towards the construction of this facility, and by several members of the Vancouver Centre of the RASC, including their president, Suzanna Nagy and vice president Leigh Cummings. We got some excellent video for our Night Lights program. The plaza around the observatory is very well thought out with electrical plugs for visiting astronomer’s telescopes, sky maps for each season with the stars lit up, a walkway with plaques listing the distances to various things in the cosmos, and six benches with coloured LED light lines representing the emission spectra of 6 major elements. The main telescope has a .7 meter diameter mirror and an alt-az mount and uses a flip mirror to switch the light path through one axis to either the camera on one side or the eyepiece on the other. Well worth a visit if you get a chance.


two Televue telescopes nose to nose to make it possible to extend the eyepiece for viewing into reach

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