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Assisting with Bobcat Research

IMG_1410aBack in February 2015 while waiting for our observatory work crew to show up at gate 2 at the Sechelt Airport I heard a sound behind me and turned around to see a bobcat a short distance away. A short time later another one came out to join the first. I stood in the doorway of my car and got a number of photos with my I Phone. They trotted off up the road before the rest of the crew arrived.

Yesterday the Coast Reporter ran an article advising how MSc Candidate TJ Gooliaff, a Biologist in Training (BIT) at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, was looking for photos of bobcats for a study he was doing to determine their populations. I sent these off yesterday afternoon and he sent me a thank you note this morning. If any of the rest of you have photos (which don’t have to be great photography), please share them to further this worthy cause.


Clear Skies, Charles Ennis


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