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Extremely Large Telescopes

paul hickson

At 7:30 PM, 11 March 2016, at the Sunshine Coast Art Centre, 5714 Medusa St., Sechelt, Dr. Paul Hickson will do a presentation on Extremely Large Telescopes. Paul Hickson is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia. He obtained a BSc in Physics from the University of Alberta in 1971, and a PhD in Astrophysics from the California Institute of Technology in 1976. Dr. Hickson has research interests in several areas of extragalactic astronomy, including galaxies, clusters of galaxies, active galactic nuclei and cosmology. He also spends time developing new astronomical instruments, such as liquid-mirror telescopes, robotic telescopes, and instruments to measure atmospheric turbulence. He currently serves as Co-chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Thirty Meter Telescope and was Project Scientist for its adaptive optics system.

In the coming decade three next-generation optical-infrared telescopes are expected to see first light. The Giant Magellan Telescope, the Thirty Meter Telescope and the European Extremely-Large Telescope will be the world’s largest, with apertures ranging from 22 to 39 metres. Employing advanced adaptive-optics systems and a suite of sophisticated instruments, these telescopes will have as much as four times the resolution, 16 times the light gathering power, and more than 200 times the sensitivity of today’s largest telescopes. Dr. Hickson will provide an overview of the key scientific programs that are driving these projects, and the technologies that make them possible.

Admission is free, donations gratefully accepted.

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