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Horse-head and Flame Nebula

This image of the Horse-head and Flame Nebulae imaged from Roberts Creek on Jan. 14/15th 2016 with a Megrez 120mm, Canon 60Da, 47 mins total exposures at 1600 ISO through an Astronomik UHC filter. This image includes a total of four nebulae at a distance of 1,500 light-years, all related to the large stellar nursery in Orion that includes the Great Nebula M42. The largest nebula in this group is the deep red emission nebula IC 434, appearing as a waterfall of ionized hydrogen at the right side of the image. An intervening cloud of interstellar dust creates the silhouette of a horse’s head, giving rise to the name of the dark nebula B33. The Flame Nebula, also known as NGC 2024 is at the left, this is another emission nebula, a region of glowing hydrogen gas in the shape of a burning bush. Between the Flame and the Horsehead is the smaller blue reflection nebula NGC 2023, caused by a cloud of fine dust reflecting the light of a central star. The brilliant blue star in the upper part of the image is the second magnitude star Alnitak, better known as the left-side star in the belt of Orion, the Hunter.

Mike BradleyHorseHead_RunningMan

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