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Drift Alignment

Drift Alignment

Drift Alignment

Last night David, Mike, and Charles fine tuned the drift alignment of the telescope in the SCC Observatory. This involved setting up the camera on the telescope and focusing first on a star in the south (Altair) and then slewing the telescope slowly back and forth to see if the star returned down the same track. If the telescope is out of alignment, the resulting star track resembles a slim “V”. You then adjust the altitude of the mount and do it again until the “V” becomes a line. Then you switch to a star in the east (we used Algol) and do the same procedure, adjusting the mount for azimuth. Then you go back to Altair and fine tune it… This took 3 hours but we’ve got a nice drift alignment now.

Earlier in the day David tested the closure system he came up with for the space between the roof and rails. It needs a couple of adjustments but it looks like it is going to work well.

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