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Mt. Kobau Star Party Evacuated

Fire near Mt. Kobau star party

Fire near Mt. Kobau star party

The Mt Kobau Star Party ended abruptly this year when a forest fire swept through the area. Danny Sklazeski and Neil Sandy attended this event. Danny got an immediate evacuation order and managed to pack his equipment and the most important items in Neil’s set up into his camper and flee the flames. Neil was in Osoyoos when the evacuation order came in so wasn’t able to get back up to the site to retrieve the rest of his gear before the roads were shut down. Fortunately neither was hurt. Neil sent us this picture showing the wildfire near Osoyoos next to the road access for the 6000 ft high Mount Kobau star party site. 100 amateur astronomers were evacuated that night.



  1. Richard. says:

    The fire is still burning although nothing like Friday night. The campsite is fine to date, no fire there. When the road re-opens we will be going back up to get all the stuff left behind on the hill including the rest of Neil’s stuff and then work out some way to get Neil’s stuff back to him. At the present time the earliest the road will open is Monday, August 24. I want to say the Mt K organizers wish to thank all of the campers, like Danny, who helped pack out as much as we could and for helping others pack up as fast as possible. It was a great team effort. We were told by the 911 Fire staff that they were very pleased with the way the Mt K campers handled an obviously stressful situation and very pleased everyone came down safely and quickly after the decision to self evacuate. Thank-you everyone.


  2. neil sandy says:

    I was able to get back up the mountain to retrieve my scope and tent a couple of days after the evacuation!


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