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Uncommon Knowledge About NASA Astronauts

When I got back from the General Assembly I found an e mail from Kayla who is a volunteer at youth centre with a summer science program for kids. She told us:
“Before our Fourth of July break, we came across your website while discussing, astronomy, space, and astronauts.  We want to say thank you!
“Two of the kids here, Jack and Matthew, did some web searches at home and found this page that they brought in for me to see –
“Would you please add a link to the article that they found to your webpage?  I found it quite unique to say the least!  They’d get a real kick out of seeing it on your page, even if it’s only for a little while and it also probably didn’t hurt that I promised the whole group a pizza day if you would!  Please let me know if you’d be willing so I can share the exciting news with them!”
Go get that pizza for them, Kayla! I’ve also added it to our list of links on the home page of our site.

Clear Skies, Charles Ennis

President, Sunshine Coast Centre

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  1. John Carter says:

    The message about “Uncommon facts” is most likely spam or a scam. Our club got the same message verbatim except the student names and the teacher name are different. The link goes to a website with all references to NASA images missing.


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