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Star Party Last Saturday (April 18)

Jupiter and its 4 largest moons

Jupiter and its 4 largest moons

5 members and 4 guests made it to the clubs airport site on Sat eve.

Some haze had rolled in late afternoon so our deep sky viewing was somewhat limited but Jupiter put on a great show and nobody left disappointed.

When we arrived Jupiter’s moon Io was transiting so we were able to view its shadow moving slowly across the disk bracketed nicely between the north and south equatorial belts. Some time later Io itself was seen clearly as a tiny bright round bump attached to the Planets limb… this had never before been witnessed by several of the observers present. If that wasn’t enough to make you want to run out and buy a bigger telescope the great red spot was then visible shortly after the transit ended. Never a dull moment on Jupiter they say!

Later in the evening the Globular cluster M13 was visible above the east horizon and was viewed nicely in one members mounted binoculars

All this time, standing in stark contrast against the horizon, was the silhouette of the soon to be up and running club observatory…

Yes there is already a line forming at the door… 🙂

Clear skies!

Neil Sandy
member – sunshine coast centre


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