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Purchasing Astronomy Gear

PST Mounted

PST Mounted


I was offering some links to one of our members and thought I would share the info as other may benefit. Its has some links and advice on buying and selling astro gear!

If you buy from the US make sure they ship by USPS (United States Postal Service) and not by Courier. When shipping by courier the courier will charge a brokerage fee for the service and will assess duty and taxes owed and you will be charged accordingly. Not to mention you never know where your parcel will delivered to… how about Gibsons, Alabama! When shipped by the USPS there is no brokerage fee often no taxes or duty charged and the parcel often arrives.

Here are some online sources for astronomy gear that I have used:

This one is in the US and has reasonable prices and shipping charges

This one is in Quebec
you have to call or email them to get the updated price and the shipping charges but sometimes there prices are better than others in Canada!

Canadian telescopes is located in vancouver and offers free shipping on every item I find there website easy to navigate and informative

Vancouver Telescope Centre in Vancouver  doesnt currently offer online sales. They appear to specialize in astro consignments and microscopes. They also carry a mixed bag of accessories and miscellaneous “stuff”. Its worth checking out if you are in the area but if you are looking for something in particular you might want to look elsewhere.

Here is the canadian used astro buy and sell site

Here is the biggest and busiest buy and sell on the net… its American and is called astro-mart. It cost $15 to join  but you can still check out the ads here
its like a mini astro stock market… hundreds of items a day are listed and sold here. Some of my best deals have come from here. I sometimes sell here too.

This is another US buy and sell and its free

I often buy used. You often get items in like new condition at a good discount. In most cases you need a paypal account. Sellers are rated and the number of transactions they have done are listed. Its usually pretty easy to spot a scam but as always its Buyer Beware!

Last but not least dont forget good old EBAY! I use Ebay a lot with over 300 transactions on my profile. I find ebay easy to use as a buyer and a little difficult to use as a seller. Paypal account is mandatory here… if you have never checked out ebay check it out! You dont have to join to look.

“Now go get that new (or used) telescope”

Neil Sandy
member-rasc sunshine coast centre


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