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Speaker for February: Dr. Kristen Larson

kristen larson

At 7:30 PM, 13 February 2015,, at the Sunshine Coast Art Centre, 5714 Medusa St., Sechelt, our speaker for the Sunshine Coast Centre of the RASC will be Dr. Kristen Larson, Associate Professor at Western Washington University. Kristen got her BS at the University of California at San Diego in1993 and her MS and PhD at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in1999.

Dr. Larson’s Topic will be “Dust to Dust: The Life Cycle of Stars”:

Understanding the dust in the interstellar medium, the stuff between the stars, is key to understanding how stars form and what happens when stars die. This talk will illustrate some of the properties of interstellar dust and how local dust changes our view of the distant universe. Progress on current research to map the location of dust clouds in our own Milky Way Galaxy will be presented.

RASC Vice President Chris Gainor will also be attending this presentation to meet with members of our Centre.

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