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Updated Star Chart for Finding Comet Lovejoy

I have attached an updated finder chart for Comet Lovejoy. It is higher and brighter and should now be much easier to find. If you know Orion use some of its brighter stars to form an alignment with the Comet. The moon is a bit of an issue at the moment and I haven’t tried it for a couple of days but I will try tonight and pass along my results. I suspect it should be visible in binoculars in spite of the moon.

Neil Sandy
Sunshine Coast Centre RASC member



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  1. Bruce wrote in to report:
    “Took some extended family to Davis Bay on New Year’s Eve to look for the comet with Celestron binos and to look at Jupiter through the one of the more recent donations to the club, an 8” Celestron with a manual alt-azimuth mount. There were lots of stripes of clouds offshore and a band of cloud directly through Orion, thus obscuring the comet. We relocated to Davis Bay Elementary School.

    “Despite the haze, the comet was a fairly large fuzzy smudge almost directly above the lower right hand star of Lepus, visible in regular binos but much larger in the 15 x 70’s. I searched along the line extending below the right hand side of Orion rather than trying to pick out the faint stars in Lepus.

    “Three of Jupiter’s moons were not visible, prompting me to look at the December Sky and Telescope chart of Jupiter’s moons. Sure enough, about every three days the three inner moons cross paths in line with Jupiter— presumably a demonstration of resonance. That was the way things were at 9:30 PM on New Years Eve.

    “We were home and toasty warm by 10:30 PM.”



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