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Comet Lovejoy Visible!

Photo of Comet Lovejoy by Jean Paul Mertens in Chile

Photo of Comet Lovejoy by Jean Paul Mertens in Chile

Hi Gang,

We had some clear nights over Christmas and I managed to get out in
my yard a couple of times for some telescope viewing….

Comet Lovejoy is now visible to us here in the northern hemisphere.
It was an easy target in my 40mm binoculars. See the finder chart for
its location. When I saw it on the morning (1230am put it on the
meridian) of the 25th it was only 10 degrees above the horizon but
its gaining in altitude every day and will be at about the same
altitude as the bright star Sirius by the end of the month. I didnt
see it in my telescope yet but if the weather permits soon we may get
a chance before the moon washes out the view.

I also viewed Jupiter the same night as the comet. Jupiter is in the
east and is well placed for viewing before midnight. The seeing was
good enough that night that I could get up to 340x magnification
through my C11 telescope using my Binocular viewers. I just got the
bino viewers recently and I have to tell you that it was like viewing
the Planet in 3D! Wow, what an improvement when you can use both eyes
at once. The downside of the bino viewers is that they may not reach
focus in a Newtonian and you have to buy 2 of each eyepiece…and
that can get expensive. If you have a refractor or a
Schmidt-Cassegrain  then you shouldnt have any issue reaching focus.

Info on the comet is here

If you are not familiar with bino viewers you can find out more here

If you dont know what a C11 telescope is and would like to know then
look here

You can buy telescope gear much cheaper used on the US astro mart or here at the Canada buy sell

For new gear, for to many reasons to get into right now, I like to go

Happy new year to all the club members

Neil Sandy
member – Sunshine Coast Centre RASC

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