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2017 Total Solar Eclipse


While eclipse chasers pack up and travel to various parts of the
world in search of a total solar eclipse under clear skies, we north
Americans will have one within a days drive in 2017. The date is
August 21st and the path of totality carves an east to west path
right through central Oregon. Being right on the eclipse path in
Oregon will give you about 2 minutes of totality. Depending where you
are in Oregon the eclipse will start around 9 am, end at 11:40 am with
totality around 10:20 am. This means getting there at least the day before.

Star party goers might consider that the Oregon Star party dates in
2017 coincide with the eclipse and the star party site is located
either in or very close to the path of totality with the center line
being about 2 hours drive north of the star party. With this in mind
OSP organizers are planning for there biggest year ever at the star party.

Its never to early to plan for an event of this magnitude and Hotels
in Oregon are already reporting requests for eclipse bookings. My
advice to those willing to travel to this once in a lifetime event is
to book soon because the city’s closest to the path will gradually
book all up and accommodation close to the center line will be harder to find.

More info can be found here at


or a map of the path through oregon is here at


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