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President’s Message

Mike Bradley discussing astronomy at the Botanical Gardens, Sep 2014

Mike Bradley discussing astronomy at the Botanical Gardens, Sep 2014

On the 3rd of September, Stephen, Charles and I presented “an introduction to astronomy and our club” to an audience at the Gibsons Library. Afterwards we set up 3 scopes to look at the moon, double stars and Saturn. This presentation represented the last event on our summer schedule, and what a summer it has been. We held outreach events at Hackett Park, the Botanical Garden, Porpoise Bay, Camp Olave, Halfmoon Bay and beyond. We were lucky to have good skies for most events, whether daytime or night time. We were especially fortunate to have had an active sun with sunspots and prominences galore all summer. Charles counted the numbers who looked through the scopes at these events and they were impressive: 113 Girl Guides plus staff at Camp Olave, 148 for Canada Day in Hackett Park, 174 for Half Moon Bay, 465 at Sea Cavalcade, 229 during the day at Porpoise Bay, and 283 at the Botanical Gardens.

We conduct these events because we want to share our enjoyment of this hobby with members of the public. We also get a lot of personal satisfaction from the enjoyment we hear expressed by many of the viewing public. One of the formal objectives of the club is indeed “to provide instructional and educational seminars, lectures and presentations to the public on astronomy and special astronomical events”. Our busy summer is evidence to me that we’ve been fulfilling this objective!

The observatory project is moving ahead, slowly but steadily. The deck design has been finalised and a recent work party dug out the holes for the forms. Thanks to David for making the wooden forms. The deck will be built this month. All the electronics and power supply components/cabling have been purchased and or installed and the conduit installation is started. We had a great piece of news last week when Swansons offered to donate another cubic metre of concrete for the deck – Thank you Swansons!

September is here and our club is about to start a new season of meetings and events. Our membership is standing at 47, the highest it has been since the formation of the club. We have a new web-site, an active social media presence and a full calendar of high quality monthly speakers. A TV show with Coast TV is in the works. The observatory will be functioning soon.

I’d like to offer a great big thank you to you all for your continuing support of the club, especially to those who have been directly involved in making it all happen!!

Hope to see you all on September 12th when Dr Ludo Van Waerbeke, will be speaking about Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Michael Bradley, President

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