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ISS Viewing

ISSThe ISS will pass over Sechelt at 9.20 pm 9 August. It will rise in the west at 9.17 passing over the Sunshine Coast and setting at 9.23 in the east. It will be very bright at mag -3.2

If you miss this apparition, it will re-appear at 10.54pm, passing to the north of Sechelt.

The ISS will be accompanied by the “George Lemaitre” automated refuelling spacecraft, i.e. there will be two objects very close together, but the ISS will be much brighter.

Tomorrow night (Sunday, August 10) the process will be repeated, but at 10.08pm and a western viewing (only) at 11.44pm

Monday evening, August 11,  at 9.19pm and 10.56pm will be similar to this evening.

For Perseid meteor viewers (Tuesday 12th) the ISS will pass through Cassiopeia and above the Constellation of Perseus at 10.08pm

Continued clear skies, David


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